Hayashi Pure Chemical Ind., Ltd.


Toll Manufacturing

We can provide a stable supply of outstanding products with dependable quality.

We accept orders from customers in the electronics industry and manufacture products at HPC’s production facilities.
Our team collaborates to provide the optimal production volume, quality, and cost and meets customer needs in terms of manufacturing and shipping methods.

Available Chemicals

We deliver a variety of chemicals used in the manufacture of LCD panels, semiconductors, and electronic parts.
Consult us for your chemical requirements, including strippers, etchants, and cleaning agents.

The Three Key Advantages of Our Toll Manufacturing Service

Key advantage 01

Founded in 1904,
HPC is a trusted manufacturer of specialized chemicals.

Starting with the production of reagents, we have a long-standing history of developing and producing a variety of chemicals for the electronics industry. Working in a clean manufacturing environment, we produce the ideal chemicals by leveraging our vast experience, technical expertise, and quality control.

Key advantage 02

A wide selection of analyzers

At HPC, we maintain 12 different types of analyzers, including the most advanced instruments as well as rare devices.
We ensure stringent quality control by combining suitable analyzers with advanced analytical techniques.

Our Analyzers

Type of Analysis Analyzer
Tissue analysis Gas chromatography system
Ion chromatography system
High-performance liquid chromatography system
Capillary electrophoresis
Automatic potentiometric titrator
Ultraviolet visible light spectrophotometer
Karl-Fischer moisture meter
Metal analysis ICP-AES
Atomic absorption
Microparticles Liquid-borne particle counter

Key advantage 03

Our dependable network
can deliver to every part of Japan.

At HPC, we can reach every corner of Japan from our supply network located in Osaka, Mie, Tottori, and Saga prefectures.
We supply you from the office located closest to your facility.


Available Containers

We offer a varied selection of containers to meet your needs.

  • Canisters 1,000 L
    200 L
    100 L
    18 L
  • One-way containers 1,000 L
    200 L
    20 L
    10 L
    5 L
    1 L

* Contact us for containers of other capacities.

The Toll Manufacturing Process

We welcome your inquiries about our toll manufacturing service.

For more information, phone us at:


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