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Social Media

Hayashi Pure Chemical Ind., Ltd. (“HPC”) uses social media as part of its overall strategy for communicating with the public.

HPC’s Social Media Policy (“Policy”) outlines our stance toward social media and our guidelines for using these services.


This Policy applies to everyone who uses the social media and services officially provided by HPC (“Users”).

Definition of Social Media

“Social media” as used herein means the media used as a means of communication via the web in which service users transmit and receive information over a service incorporating such technologies.

Acknowledgements and Responsibilities when Using Social Media

  • HPC’s officers, regular and non-regular employees, contract employees, part-time employees, advisors, and temporary staff (collectively, “Employees”) may use social media with the understanding that it is accessible to any number of unidentified individuals of different backgrounds and circumstances; that because of the nature of the Internet, this information cannot be withdrawn once it has been made public; and that any number of unidentified individuals can view the content on social media.
  • Acknowledging that the transmission of information and responses to posts by any one of our Employees can have a significant effect on the public, Employees are required to use caution when posting and must endeavor to ensure postings will not be misunderstood.
  • Our Employees will use social media appropriately when transmitting information, including complying with relevant laws and regulations.

Communicating via Social Media

  • Our Employees will acknowledge in good faith all information transmitted by Users. Our Employees will communicate with the awareness that strengthening bonds with Users through communication is helpful in solving User issues. Such communication also helps to improve HPC’s presence as a convenient form of communication.
  • Our Employees will share with internal and external personnel any useful information obtained through bilateral communication with Users in order to improve HPC’s presence in society and our operations.

Message to Users

  • Any information transmitted by our Employees over social media does not necessarily represent HPC’s official position. We invite Users to view HPC’s official press releases and visit the HPC website for curated Company information.
  • We handle all personal information we have obtained in accordance with the HPC Privacy Policy.
  • Please note that all information posted on social media is effective at the time of transmission and may change at a later date.
  • How we communicate over social media (availability of replies, method, response time, etc.) varies depending on the circumstances of the various social media services. Please refer to the profile of the relevant HPC official account for our rules of communication.

Official Accounts

HPC maintains official accounts with the following social media services:


Please direct any inquiries regarding the use of social media to the following unless otherwise specified.

Hayashi Pure Chemical Ind., Ltd.
Public Relations, Communication Strategy Group, Administration Department

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TEL. +81-6-6910-7335 / FAX. +81-6-6910-7320

* Business hours: 09:00–17:40 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and company holidays)