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Our Vision

  • Powerfully,
  • Hayashi Pure Chemical was founded in 1904 and since then we have manufactured a wide range of products, focusing on electronic materials, reagents, and chemicals. On the verge of our 120th anniversary, we now face an unpredictable future in terms of the economic, environmental, and social outlook. However, through dedicated teamwork, we are determined to create a sustainable future for all our businesses while overcoming social challenges towards a positive future.

Message from the President

While exploring the vast potential of electronic materials and reagents,
Hayashi Pure Chemical continues to take on the challenge of pursuing sustainable growth.

Hayashi Pure Chemical (HPC) started manufacturing reagents in 1950, and soon thereafter the Company underwent a transformation from a wholesale merchant into a manufacturer of reagents. Since the 1980s, HPC has grown by expanding the scope of its business through the technological development of specialized chemicals for the electronics industry and functional chemicals for the semiconductor industry. Over the years, HPC’s electronic materials business has flourished to the extent that we now enjoy a significant market share in specific processes such as wet etching.

The ongoing demand for semiconductor-related products in today’s world is rapidly increasing in the electronics industry as a result of the acceleration of digitization and infrastructure development. In response to this growing trend, Hayashi Pure Chemical continues to strengthen its production capacity for electronic materials while promoting the construction of a more robust supply chain. Building upon our vast experience in reagents, we have nurtured our technology and expertise in electronic materials to such an extent that we now contribute to the steady growth of the electronics industry.

Over the past two decades, the growth of our reagent business has enabled us to establish a presence in the market. Moreover, we have been able to enter new segments of the market with our special-purpose reagents for measuring trace residues of agricultural chemicals. Going forward, we intend to enter specific fields through our reagent business as part of our effort to enhance our commercialization model. Reagents are used for research and analysis in many fields, including chemistry, life science, electronics, and environmental science. Our business opportunities are unlimited.

We will continue to offer value to our customers as we explore the vast potential of electronic materials and reagents. From the rich soil of our reagents business, we are nurturing different segments of our business that will eventually grow into a vast forest that provides a more affluent life for all. Our efforts to take up this challenge know no end.


Kiyoyuki Wada

Businesses & Products