Hayashi Pure Chemical Ind., Ltd.


Corporate Philosophy
& Policy

Mission Statement

  • Commitment

    We are committed to taking on all challenges through continual innovation.

  • Sincerity

    We are sincere in all our dealings and are dedicated to earning the confidence of our stakeholders.

  • Gratitude

    We are grateful for our success and remain focused on doing our best.

Management Philosophy

  • Our Corporate Identity

  • As a company that supports industry, we will continue to offer innovative and environment-friendly technologies through which we provide greater convenience and safety as we grow alongside our customers and local communities.

  • Our Management Pledge

  • We will provide products and services that offer value from the perspective of our customers.

    We will comply with all relevant laws and regulations and will fulfill our legal obligations as good corporate citizens.

    We will quickly respond to changes in the economic climate and will continue to focus on innovation.

  • Our Code of Conduct

  • We will respect the creativity of each individual, strive to improve our technical expertise, and take on every challenge we face.

    We will address emerging challenges with a steadfast approach and will work diligently to resolve them.

    With confidence in our own resolve, we will readily collaborate with organizations.

    We will always act with the highest ethical standards.

Safety Policy

Safety is the foundation of all our efforts to ensure high quality, low cost, and stability of supply.
Each and every employee undergoes safety training and participates in risk assessments, improvement initiatives, and workplace organizations in the interests of maintaining zero accidents.

Quality Policy

We are committed to providing our customers with value as we offer innovative products and services.
We are dedicated to continuously improving our quality management system in order to provide our customers with reliable products and services worthy of their trust.

Environmental Policy

We offer products with a minimal environmental impact and promote the recycling of used chemicals.
We also pursue energy efficiency and are committed to preventing pollution resulting from the handling of chemicals.

Business Continuity Policy

We are committed to preparing for the many risks that can interfere with the continuity of our business, such as earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters as well as factory accidents and pandemics. HPC has formulated a business continuity plan to ensure ongoing business operations, the safety of its employees, and stability of supply to the market and customers as we focus on the early stabilization of our management capability.

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