Hayashi Pure Chemical Ind., Ltd.


Core Theme 2 Developing Our Personnel and Teams Contributing to Society

- Social Contribution Policy -Building an organization that supports personal development
and resilient teams

By developing a safe and healthy work environment and promoting workstyle reforms and employee diversity, we are building a workplace where all can feel motivated and enjoy a sense of fulfillment. Additionally, we are contributing to the future of society by supporting personal development and resilient teams that can take on societal challenges.

Materiality 6 Promoting Workstyle Reform and the Digital Transformation

To ensure that we have a diverse workforce that actively participates at every level, we are cultivating a corporate climate and work environment that fosters career development and retention of female employees. As part of our effort to offer a workplace that enables employees to enjoy a good balance between work and private life while flexibly responding to changing times, we are establishing a system to support telecommuting and inter-employee communication. This part of our digital transformation enables our employees to work without being confined to the office.

  • Objectives of our initiatives

    □ Offering a 360-degree policy to promote active roles for our female employees

    □ Establishing a telecommuting and inter-employee communication network through our digital transformation

    □ Relaxing our dress code and implementing other new rules that enhance work comfort

  • Applicable SDGs

  • Information Security Policy

    We will manage and use information assets safely and appropriately while implementing information security measures in response to the changing times. Moreover, by working to protect information assets with a high level of awareness for information security, we will strive to earn the trust of society in a sustainable manner.

  • Health and Safety Policy

    We recognize that all business processes can affect human rights directly or indirectly. We respect the human rights of all individuals involved in our businesses, and we are dedicated to furthering the development of a sustainable society.

  • Human Rights Policy

    We will establish a health and safety management system, and through continuous improvement, we will ensure each employee undergoes safety training and participates in risk assessments, improvement initiatives, and workplace organizations in the interests of maintaining zero accidents.

Materiality 7 Providing Employee Training via E-learning

We actively use e-learning to promote employee career development and sharing of operational knowledge. We have established a useful e-learning environment for all employees with a range of different lesson plans available suited to particular job types and positions. These lessons are also offered to new employees.

  • Objectives of our initiatives

    □ About 300 external service training courses

    □ Practical HPC Learning created by relevant departments at all offices

  • Applicable SDGs


Materiality 8 Developing a Business Continuity Plan

As we prepare for the various risks that can interfere with business continuity — including natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and pandemics as well as factory accidents — we have implemented a fail-proof business continuity plan to keep our business operations functioning.

  • Objectives of our initiatives

    □ Formulating a business continuity plan

    □ Implementing regular drills (practice)

    □ Providing online status reports

    □ Introducing a paperless fax system

    □ Combining multiple purchases of raw materials

    □ Implementing operational cross-training

  • Applicable SDGs

  • Business Continuity Policy

    We are committed to preparing for natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods as well as plant accidents, pandemics, and other risks. We have formulated a business continuity plan (BCP) to ensure the safety of employees, the ability to maintain employment, and the stability of supply to the market and customers. Through early management stabilization, we are dedicated to creating a corporate structure and culture that is keenly aware of the importance of business continuity.

Materiality 9 Complying with All Relevant Laws and Regulations

As a company engaged in the chemicals business, we need to earn the trust of all stakeholders and fulfill our corporate social responsibility. We are focused on establishing a compliance system as part of our original risk management and identifying new risks that may arise from business expansion or changes in the economic environment. We also strive to prevent other emerging risks.

  • Objectives of our initiatives

    □ Devising a compliance system centered on management meetings

    □ Establishing a risk management system and promoting training

  • Applicable SDGs

  • Compliance Policy

    While ensuring compliance with laws and regulations as well as social expectations, we will establish a system for promoting compliance, educate and train employees, and implement risk management initiatives. We will also strive for transparency, reliability, and integrity in our corporate activities as we utilize our compliance promotion activities to fulfill our social responsibilities.