Hayashi Pure Chemical Ind., Ltd.


Core Theme 3 Environmental Improvement
& Conservation
Protecting the
Global Environment

- Environmental Policy -Coexisting with the environment in all of our business activities

For the future of our planet, we promote the recycling of functional chemicals while developing products with a reduced environmental footprint. We also strive to establish and improve our environmental management system and to pursue energy efficiency while preventing pollution resulting from the handling of chemicals.

ISO 9001 certified

ISO 14001 certified

Materiality 10 Promoting Energy Efficiency

Instead of merely cutting the power required for production, we build systems that reduce power consumption while maintaining the quality of our production and product development.

  • Objectives of our initiatives

    □ Improving energy systems

    □ Improving manufacturing and production processes

  • Applicable SDGs


Materiality 11 Reducing Chemical Waste

In order to fulfill our social responsibility as a company dealing with a variety of chemical substances, HPC has developed quality management techniques for reducing the volume of defective chemical products for disposal while extending the shelf life of products. When necessary, we properly dispose of chemicals with the cooperation of appropriate partners.

  • Objectives of our initiatives

    □ Reducing the volume of waste from defective chemicals by developing quality control techniques

    □ Requesting the cooperation of appropriate partners for waste disposal

  • Applicable SDGs


Materiality 12 Devising a Reuse and Recycling System for Functional Chemicals

HPC has developed technologies for recovering and recycling used organic solvents, a process that enables us to reduce waste and save resources through reuse. We continue to work toward a sustainable future as we manufacture our products while focusing on both improved production efficiency and environmental conservation.

  • Objectives of our initiatives

    □ Investing in recovery and recycling techniques

    □ Increasing the amount of recoverable or recyclable items

  • Applicable SDGs


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